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This is a website of the Michael Jackson Fan-Club JAM. There you can find many news, information, competition, pictures and more about the greatest entertainer in the world – Michael Jackson.

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  1. MICHAEL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH my hero you inspire so much my dream is to sing the national athem and meet my hero you.

    — Mary Stevenson · 2009-01-25 01:58 · #

  2. i remember watching jackson movie when i was young and listening to his music li love you are not alone and beat it, ill be there rip michael you will never be forgotten

    — chris harwell · 2009-06-27 17:09 · #

  3. M: My heart is deeply grieved by his death
    I: I know you’re the world’s breath
    C: Commiserations to all fans of King of Pop
    H: Heaven welcomes you with teardrop
    A: All people mourn for you and can’t believe
    E: Earth weeps bitterly when you did leave
    L: Lord calls you for an eternal peace
    J: Join Him, although we would miss
    A: And your matchless songs are as a chain attached to my heart
    C: Could never let you part
    K: King of pop! You’re alive forever
    S: So, our souls live together
    O: Of course, we’ll see each other very soon
    N: Now, you’re walking on the moon

    Rest in peace Michael!

    — Mohammad · 2009-06-29 11:13 · #

  4. My heart is empty without you but your music will fill the void!!! I love you Michael!!!

    — Casey Grwen · 2009-06-29 17:18 · #

  5. Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep—RIP MJ

    Janis · 2009-07-11 11:29 · #

  6. My name is David Fossett, I am the cousin and the one who has his house that MJ grew up in (2300 Jackson Street) Gary Indiana I am giving his a block party on August 29 with the sounds of blackness preforming , we will have a candle light song at dawn. Everyone is welcome. Donations are being accept to help fund a foundation set up in his name for a museum and to fix up the house

    — David Fossett · 2009-08-22 09:17 · #