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By suggesting a site for the inclusion on We Love TYPO3 you agree to abide by our terms of service:

  • The suggested site is production-ready and powered by TYPO3.
  • We add and remove sites at our own discretion without cost or obligation.
  • We will not include sites with inappropriate or offensive content like excessive nudity, extremist political views or obscenity.

“I want to remove a site from the list here”.

Sorry to hear that, but of course we’d happily comply with any reasonable argument. If the reasons for removal are legitimate (and not driven by desire to get a competitor’s site off our list), please send an email.

Your privacy is safe

We will not sell, rent or lend any personal details you shared with us, be it as a comment or by suggesting a site. Due to the nature of how the net works, our server will know what your current IP address is and what make and model of browser and operating system you use. Besides that, we know plain nothing of your deepest secrets.

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Is this an “official” TYPO3 site?

No. We Love TYPO3 is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the TYPO3 association, although both sites share our common love for TYPO3 and, obviously, a knack for the colours of the Irish flag.


This whole site wouldn’t be in existence without the efforts of the Open Source community. To name few, we express our gratitude to:

Ok? Fine. Now, let’s get back to the showcase!